About F.M.Anderson

I teach English Language Arts to middle school students in Greenville, South Carolina. I grew up loving to read, and this passion grew into a love of writing as well. I wrote my first real story in sixth grade and sent it to my favorite author at the time, Stephen King. He sent me a card back saying that he liked it. I think he was just being gracious.

I wanted to write movie scripts and do special effects and monster make-up for movies for a while after this, but found a real passion for writing in college. After I graduated, I got a job reviewing games for my local paper. Now, I teach and am working on a novel, as well as a variety of other short stories and works.

3 comments on “About F.M.Anderson

  1. Dear Mr. Anderson,
    Please let me know when I can purchase a copy of your novel. I have read a few of your posts on Hugh Howey’s Blog and would like to help get your book into the hands of students. I am a librarian at a PreK-12th grade school. Paperbacks do not hold up well in circulation, but if I can put your book in the hands of our English teachers, they may decide to use it with their class. Please email at charla.arabie@jdpsbk12.org when your books become available. Best of luck.

    Charla Arabie

    • I will do that! Thanks!

      So far I am aiming for a holiday release. I am at a new school this year and have a new class I have to create a curriculum for, so I will be very busy. I plan on making my edits soon, even with the school load I have right now. After that, another round of beta reading and final line editing. I will email you as soon as I have a firm date!

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