2 comments on “On endings.

  1. I found your blog through the “Open Mic” forum on Hugh Howey’s page. I just read this post and wanted to say–good for you! What an amazing accomplishment to be at the finish line of a novel! No matter what little bits of editing are left to do–I bet it feels EXACTLY like that picture you posted. I write mostly short stories myself (and recently, through an experiment gone viral, A LOT of short stories) though that’s not “what I do” for a living. I really admire what you’ve accomplished and look forward to reading Empire, Nevada some day!

  2. Thanks, Amy!

    This has been an epic summer. It solidified for me that I want to do this. I love writing, and I hope people will enjoy reading this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

    I will check out your site as soon as I get done writing this comment!

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